fantasy science fiction

CutFreeze – Chapter 4

A small crab crawled away from Canea’s face as she lay in the mud. She rose and found Chloé in the water. She was wading knee-deep through the murky lake with spatters of mud on her face. Her usually immaculate hairdo was a big mess and covered with some twigs. If the situation wasn’t so precarious, Canea would laugh. Chloé certainly deserved it, and her irritated face only called for mockery, but Canea was not like her.

fantasy science fiction

CutFreeze – Chapter 3

“You’ve been here before. That bartender had no problem giving you the information we needed, and you know your way around here pretty well for someone who never comes here.”
It wasn’t any of her business and Canea had no desire to tell this conceited woman her personal stuff.
“The man you had frozen out of you was a Terrarian, wasn’t he?” Chloé said.


CutFreeze – Chapter 1 and 2

Sometimes he wished they’d take him so that this nightmare would end, but he still clung to life with all his might. He hadn’t lost hope. Chloé had last seen him near the swamp. Surely, she had reported it and sent out search parties. She wouldn’t just give up on him. Even if she could be condescending and arrogant, deep down she had a good heart, but she liked to keep that hidden away.


Is it OK not to be Happy Sometimes?

For how long have we been told, either on social media, in talk shows, in the surge of motivational books, etc, not to wear that frown but to smile, “Life is beautiful.” Yes, life is beautiful but it can also be cruel. Although we sometimes make the wrong choices and may have caused what happens […]

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Looking for a Great Book to Read? Look No Further!

One harpy rebellion. Two parallel stories, two different worlds, even two different centuries -- In Camden Town, London, Eva leaves a party with a stolen jacket, followed by her ex-boyfriend, Darryn. She has no idea what dangerous item is hidden in her pocket. When her hand closes around it and its heat sears her skin, the ground splits open, whisking her and Darryn away into an underground time tunnel. Darryn’s brother Daniel, who is the only witness to the strange event, retrieves the Stone, unwittingly unleashing its owner, Aeron. Aeron, a creature of darkness, weakened by the loss of the Stone, is set on killing Daniel and recovering his lost power. However, Calliope, a wayward harpy, puts a stop to his plan, snatching Daniel out of his grasp and whisking him away into the world of harpies.

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