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A Third Book in the Series?

A little over two months ago I started a new manuscript, The Fall of the Stone. Unlike book 1, the Path of the Stone, and book 2, The Rise of the Stone, The Fall of the Stone is not based on a dream. Maybe it’s the reason why I’m not sure about adding a third book in the series.

A Third Book in the Series?

The stories for the first two books flew out of my fingertips. I couldn’t stop writing. For The Fall of the Stone, however, I have been struggling. The inspiration for this book came from watching a fire, it gave rise to many ideas and I started writing. I thought that it was perfect for the third and last book in the Stone Series.

I already wrote two alternative beginnings, and after writing the second one I was off to a good start again, but I keep on getting stuck, which is unusual for me at the beginning of a book. Writing two alternative beginnings when I just started the manuscript is also uncommon for me …

So, I am beginning to wonder, perhaps I should heed the advice from my previous article – Why Read a Book Series? (Included: Tips to Write a Good Book Series) – and say goodbye to my beloved harpies? Or maybe it isn’t the time yet for book nr. 3. Perhaps I should wait a little longer.

I am not ready to say goodbye, though. I love my harpies and their world and I would love to write more books about them. Perhaps they could be standalone books that are separate from the series. I think, something like that might still come along.

A friend of mine – who has also become a thorough alpha reader and always gives me honest and valuable feedback – told me that he would love it if I became known as the harpy writer.

“I do think you could market yourself as the harpy writer,” he told me 😉 “You really do have what it takes to make it with your writing alone. We need to figure out how to get you on the mainstage.
Your knowledge of history plays in well, as does your wisdom on relationships. It’s unusual that you can also do a dark battle scene but you can and it makes a good combination.”

The Rise of the Stone - Christine Duts

So, for now, I think that I’ll give my harpies a temporary rest. Now may not be the time for farewell, hopefully not for a long time, but I also want to avoid dragging out a series. Perhaps the Stone Series will have just book 1 and 2, and it may be all it needs.

Standalone books, however, can follow, unrelated to the series. There are plenty of colorful characters who want their stories told.

7 thoughts on “A Third Book in the Series?

  1. Chastity

    Hi Chrsti,

    I have seen your books before but may have to check them out now. I read your “about me,” and it seems we are interested in the same genres of books. I personally would not want to read a detective story though. They have never held an interest to me.

    I love the dream concept. Those must have been very vivid dreams to lead to best-selling books! I actually read your “When Dreams Become Books” post as well to get some background on the books.

    I did want to say, while I am not a writer in the sense you are when I do struggle writing something I put it away. I love writing and usually words free flow to me, but when I am stumped on something I drop it. At some point, I usually have an epiphany and I am able to finish my writing in short order. Maybe setting aside your harpies is best for now. The story will come to you.

    Thank you,

    1. Christine

      Hi Chastity,

      The dreams were very vivid, quite adventurous. When I woke up, I just knew I had to write them down.
      It’s good advice to put a manuscript away for a while when you’re stumped or have writer’s block. I’ve put The Fall of the Stone away as well. A few days ago I finally found great inspiration and now the words are flowing again. Now it’s for a different book, no harpies – a very different concept and setting – but as I said, my harpies will come back one day 🙂

  2. Stephanie Cannella

    I think you should write when you feel the inner self desiring it. But do not hold yourself back from writing because of any kind of fear that you arent good enough in a certain genre because you wont know unless you do it. It is totally up to you if you feel you need a break before continuing a series, just make sure you complete it and do not wait too long, as people may be wanting more. And if you have it in you, dont waste it. 🙂

    1. Christine

      Hi, Stephanie,

      Very true, if you have it in you, don’t waste it. The Fall of the Stone is paused for now but it may still come out one day.
      Thank you for your kind words!

  3. MnD

    Glad to see that your doing another series. You will get it done and with writers block you need to go back and sit in front of the fire again.
    This will turn into another good book, keep writing it will come to you. The trilogies of the stone.


  4. Julius

    Hey Christi! I can feel your dilemma! On one side you love your “harpies” on the other side you feel maybe it’s time to let go. If I could share my opinion, I’d say the same as you, just wait for a little longer and you see what inspiration will bring you. Sometimes, the most unexpected thing will bring you into a “writing flow”. I am getting inspiration pretty much every time I sit on the sea shore after sunset. Speaking about inspiration, what fire was it when you got yours? Did you see the entire plot or was it just an idea to start? P.S.: I think every writer has his/her own “struggle” from time to time. SO, DON’T BE BUMPED. -;)Cheers

    1. Christine

      Hi Julius,

      Sitting at the sea shore or a walk on the beach also inspires me a lot. I think that time will bring me more ideas. We have to know when the time is right and not force things, don’t we? If something feels forced, the reader will notice it too. The story needs to flow naturally, so I will wait a little until the muse comes back. In the meantime I have been working on another writing project which has kept me quite busy – and inspired 🙂 – so I will continue working on my new project, and hopefully, after I finish that I will be able to focus on The Fall of the Stone again.

      When I saw the fire I saw just a small scene, I didn’t see the entire plot, but I don’t always have to. Seeing one scene in a dream or any other event is often enough for me to write a book. Maybe I didn’t use the fire scene for the right book yet. That is also possible.
      Thanks for your tips!

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