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A Third Dream for a Third Book – The Fall of the Stone

Dreams are often more than just dreams. To me, they are. Although I can’t interpret them all the time and wouldn’t call myself an expert at that, they have certainly inspired me to write. I have an old manuscript I wrote decades ago, also based on a dream. I never finished it but I’d love to pick it up one day, wipe off the dust, and write the rest of that story.

I have mentioned before that The Path of the Stone and The Rise of the Stone are based on dreams I had a year apart. Both dreams came to me in the months of November in 2020 and then 2021. When I started writing the third book in the series (and the last one), this time it wasn’t a dream that inspired me. Watching a bonfire one night, observing the different colors in the flames was what led me to writing The Fall of the Stone.

A Third Dream for a Third Book - The Fall of the Stone
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It started off well. I wrote several chapters, but then I got stuck and didn’t like how it was going. I wrote an alternative beginning and have stuck with that. However, after a while, I came to a point where I felt stuck again. The story wasn’t progressing and I thought that writing it might have been a bad idea since this third installment wasn’t based on a dream like the first two were.

I decided to just pause the work on my manuscript, confident that the story would come to me one day.

And it did.

Last week, I had a dream, a very vivid one. When I woke up, I knew that this dream was for The Fall of the Stone! I just knew it.

I turned on the laptop, retrieved my manuscript, and wrote down what I remembered from my dream. Suddenly, I knew where the story was going. The whole book played out in my head and I even knew the ending.

I thought it was pretty amazing that the first two books were based on separate dreams, but I think it’s incredible that, although the third book was based on an idea, a third dream came to me to reveal the rest of the story.

I’d call it magical. 🙂

I remember how I wrote in a past post that I didn’t know when I was ever going to finish the Fall of the Stone, but I think that now I can say that the finish line is in sight. Still far, but it is getting closer. The deadline is for July 2023.

An update will come soon, and perhaps one more excerpt besides the one I already published.

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