You’ll never look at harpies the same way again.

Azure first appears in the Amazon Bestselling title The Path of the Stone as a major side character, but her tale begins long before that, in Macedonia, in 341 BC, during her mortal days.

Bhava, Azure’s best friend, is marked to die. The scaffold is being prepared and the town’s female healers are lined up for execution. Soon, the authorities will be coming for Bhava, because she has healing powers and is therefore feared as a witch.

Unwilling to let this happen, Azure orchestrates a daring escape and saves Bhava’s life. Forced to leave town, they embark on a daring journey to Gaul where Bhava’s mother lives. The trip is not without its dangers, and as obstacles and attacks pile up, Azure quickly discovers that Bhava’s skills extend far beyond healing.

When they reach Gaul, the truth about Bhava is finally revealed.

Azure, having experienced Bhava’s unpleasant change, now witnesses her joining forces with her birth mother, Boudicca, a dark witch. Bhava’s final betrayal breaks their bond, forcing Azure to leave her forever, not knowing that her decision sets her on her own journey… which is only just beginning.

A village of harpies – Boudicca’s mortal enemies – awaits Azure, making her regret ever having saved Bhava’s life. Soon, all hell breaks loose, and Azure will have to go to extraordinary lengths to survive, traveling over faraway lands and even time.

The Rise of the Stone - Christine Duts

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In Camden Town, London, Eva leaves a party with a stolen jacket, followed by her ex-boyfriend, Darryn. She has no idea what dangerous item is hidden in her pocket. When her hand closes around it the ground splits open, whisking her and Darryn away into an underground time tunnel. Darryn’s brother Daniel, who is the only witness to the strange event, retrieves the Stone, unwittingly unleashing its owner, Aeron, a creature of darkness. Weakened by the loss of the Stone, Aeron is set on killing Daniel and recovering his lost power, but Calliope, a wayward harpy, puts a stop to his plan, snatching Daniel out of his grasp. "Now both siblings must confront monsters and work with unlikely allies as they seek to protect the stone from Aeron in two different time periods. This was a really fun adventure filled with all the creatures and lore you could want from a mythological epic! The time travel and double plot aspects of the story were great, and the characters were fun and meaningful! Anyone who reads my reviews knows that I love Percy Jackson, and this is a book that definitely captured a lot of that feel. If you love mythology, definitely come travel through time with The Path of the Stone!" (Amazon reviewer)

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