You’ll never look at harpies the same way again.

Azure’s tale begins long before The Path of the Stone, in 341 BC in Macedonia, during her mortal days.

Compelled to save her best friend from certain death – which may have been a mistake – Azure goes to extraordinary lengths to survive, traveling to faraway lands and even through time and immortality

Can betrayal and regret define her for the better, or are she and others condemned to becoming the worst versions of themselves?

The Rise of the Stone - Christine Duts



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One harpy rebellion. Two parallel stories, two different worlds, even two different centuries -- In Camden Town, London, Eva leaves a party with a stolen jacket, followed by her ex-boyfriend, Darryn. She has no idea what dangerous item is hidden in her pocket. When her hand closes around it and its heat sears her skin, the ground splits open, whisking her and Darryn away into an underground time tunnel. Darryn’s brother Daniel, who is the only witness to the strange event, retrieves the Stone, unwittingly unleashing its owner, Aeron. Aeron, a creature of darkness, weakened by the loss of the Stone, is set on killing Daniel and recovering his lost power. However, Calliope, a wayward harpy, puts a stop to his plan, snatching Daniel out of his grasp and whisking him away into the world of harpies.

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