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Character Conflicts in The Path of the Stone – Eva and Darryn

Every story has a conflict that the characters must solve to reach a happy ending. Not all books get their happy ending and the story could turn into a learning experience for the characters or a message that the author wants to get heard.

Besides the strife in the plot, there are also the inevitable character conflicts; inner struggles, quarrels with other characters in the book, or even both.

Eva and Darryn, the main characters in The Path of the Stone, wrestle with an unresolved issue between them. Landing in a historical fantasy world of the 1700s, joining harpies in their rebellion against their evil lord, allying themselves with pirates and an untrustworthy witch, and battling monsters should be enough to handle. Nonetheless, Eva lost her trust in Darryn.

Character Conflicts in The Path of the Stone - Eva and Darryn
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Moreover, she needs to come to terms with her own role in their conflict. Because of the magical Stone’s accusation against her she is forced to accept her errors. In this way, her voyage into the past turns into a road of self-discovery.

Darryn finds himself pushed to perform acts that go against his moral code, and by doing so a door to his dark side opens a crack, showing him who he could become. He tries to resist the darkness and at the same time he embarks on a path of self-contemplation.

Both Darryn and Eva understand that finding the Stone and making it back to the 21st Century in one piece isn’t the only issue any more. Will the tatters of their relationship survive the changes each of them are going through?

2 thoughts on “Character Conflicts in The Path of the Stone – Eva and Darryn

  1. Cei

    Character conflicts add spice to any story and create the love-hate relationship we have towards different characters based on our perception of their actions. Sometimes we can even see ourselves in these characters and role play how we would respond if we were in the role of the character. I know I sometimes do this…..:-)


    1. Christine

      Hi Ceci,

      I also do this, see myself in the characters.
      Thank you for your comment!

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