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The Deepest Pain can Lead to Beautiful Creations

Well, the pain has been gone for several months now, but this remains true, as we have seen in many other pieces of art – painted, sculpted, or written – the deepest pain can lead to beautiful creations.

Frida Kahlo’s suffering was reportedly chronicled in four paintings. Many authors use pain in their books. I have certainly done it. At moments of great distress, I sometimes sat down and wrote it all down. It is very cathartic and at the same time you have a piece of authentic, emotional writing that may fit well in a story you’re working on. Not that we do it for the latter reason, but now that the tears are spilled, we might as well use them.

The Deepest Pain can Lead to Beautiful Creations
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels

I always write it down for the sole purpose to let it all out, but when I later see what I wrote, I simply have to integrate it into the story, perhaps for a grieving or an angry character – depending on the emotions I’m letting loose.

Although The Fall of the Stone (following up on The Path of the Stone and The Rise of the Stone) is still in the works – at least, it was a few months ago – I have been busy with a new manuscript, which is set in the future. It is based on an inspiration that came to me while I was dealing with a broken heart.

Yes, it sounds dramatic, I know. No worries, I already healed from my broken heart and I realized a long time ago that the guy who hurt me wasn’t worth the misery I felt, but that’s not what this blog post is about. Well, kind of, but don’t worry, I won’t bore you with details about what happened between him and me – unless you want to know the juicy details? 😉

In a nutshell, someone I had always held in high esteem for a year and a half got close to me in May – June 2022, and turned out to be not what I had expected.

I always thought that the term narcissism has been thrown around a lot during recent years – and with good reason, in most cases. Nevertheless, I sometimes felt that it was applied too easily. Suddenly, everyone seemed to have narcissistic traits.


However, surprise, surprise, so did the guy I was getting close to. I realized it too late, after he had already hurt me – although there were signs before, to be honest. I remember thinking, “I can’t believe that I ended up with a narcissist myself.”


Well, I didn’t end up with him, thank goodness, but at the time, what he did and how he did it hurt like hell, and those are details I won’t write about here. 😉

Something good came out of it, though, and yes, you guessed right: A BOOK!

What he did (let’s call him J.) just destroyed me, and after moping for days, I decided to go to the beach. I live around 3-4 kilometers from the beach. It was raining that day and I thought, “Perfect, just like my mood.” I figured that a walk on the beach in the rain might do me some good, and I was right!

I parked my car near the beach and decided to walk to a spot in the distance where huge boulders form a small natural dam. It was a 4 kilometer walk, and then 4 kilometers back, 8 in total. I didn’t care. I needed this.

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So, I strolled on the beach, near the water. Waves rolled onto the shore as rain drops splashed on my face. What an amazing walk it was! When I reached the boulders, I climbed on the highest one and I lied down on the rocky surface, my arms spread wide, gazing up at the dark clouds while it rained down on me. It felt so wonderful.

The rain washed the pain off of me at once and I felt much better. As I lay there, staring at the sky, a sudden inspiration came to me. A story formed in my mind.

Photo by Nagore Ugarriza:

Later, when I walked back, I saw a growth of plants on a rocky mound. From a distance, it looked like a huge rock overgrown with moss.

When I got closer, I realized it wasn’t a rock at all. It seemed strange since some plants seemed unfamiliar to me, not the fauna I usually saw at the beach. Immediately, my mind started whirring again, seeing a whole fantastical world in there, which matched perfectly for the idea I had for my story.

This is the mound where I saw the growth of plants. It’s there in the middle of the photo.

Final Thoughts

To this day I don’t know why J. came into my life and what the point was of all that pain. I am, nonetheless, grateful for the experience and the book that came of it. I have to thank J. for having given rise to this new story.

It is set in the future, a mix of science fiction and fantastical elements. The characters have taken me on an incredible ride and while working on the book initially helped me process the pain, it is now a project I intend to finish and publish.

I’m not sure when my manuscript will be ready for publication. I think it will take me a while, but when it’s ready, I’ll let you know.

Have you ever created something beautiful that came from your deepest pain?

8 thoughts on “The Deepest Pain can Lead to Beautiful Creations

  1. John

    Hi Christi,
    It’s so interesting to read of your heartfelt sharing and personal relationship trouble. I loved reading that you felt cleansed. It’s often at our lowest points that if we have faith, things will turn around for us. What is most wonderful is that the inspiration and ideas that you got from this. In your case your beautiful creativity will be unleashed in your new book.
    You are an inspiration Christi!

    1. Christine

      Thank you, John!

  2. Tatiana from

    Hi Christine and thank you for this beautiful manifestation of pain!
    You know, with all the pain and hurt in the world, I wish everybody would do just what you have done in this article: turn it into something beautiful and spread back the good to the world!
    I always use to say that relationships are difficult and there is no perfect one, even if there are people who claim the opposite. But yes, we are on this path of life and we are meant to experience it all: the good and the bad. This is what shapes us and teaches us how to change our perspectives on what is happening to us in order to be able to see more of the beauty that is out there!
    Congratulations on your strength.

    1. Christine

      Thank you, Tatiana!

  3. Shalisha Alston

    Hi Christine. Thanks for posting your story. Yes, good can come out of heartache, but only if I actively look for the lesson. For too long, I have stayed resentful at people who have hurt me – ex-boyfriends, siblings and my parents. The only person these resentments hurt is me. I am so glad you wrote a book about your pain. It looks like you came through to the other side. I would love to buy a copy.

    1. Christine

      Hi Shalisha,

      Very true, only if we actively look for the lesson. Sometimes we let ourselves be wallowed up by grief, and that’s also needed, we have to let grief out. It’s an ongoing lesson for all of us, I suppose, myself included.
      Thank you for your comment!

  4. Julius

    This is so powerful and true message. Pain is not nice in the first place, but it supports huge art, I agree. I mean Kurt Cobain and sort of like are great examples. Unfortunately, sometimes it ends badly, like in Kurt’s life. However, if used “properly” pain steers some inspiration. I can totally relate to your rainy walk at the beach. I do it oftentimes too and the effect of it can it’s just amazing. Why it is actually like this? That the big pain often creates beauty afterwards? Loved your reminder that not every painful moment has to end up with a sour taste in the mouth. Cheers

    1. Christine

      Hi Julius,

      Yes! Kurt Cobain is such a good example, but unfortunately it ended in tragedy …
      I think that if we acknowledge pain as a part of life, if we accept it rather than struggle against it, then we will learn how to deal with it and even turn it into beautiful, creative work.
      I’ve read somewhere that authors not only write, they bleed through their pen. And it’s true 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!

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