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When Dreams Become Books

In November 2020 I had an adventurous dream. I dreamed that I stood at the bottom of a canyon and I was battling flying, fantastical creatures. It was all very intense and vivid, and when I woke up my first thought was “Wow, what a dream! I have to write this down!”

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So, I got up, turned the laptop on, and started writing. At first, I thought it was going to be a short story, but 25,000 words later I realized that this was going to turn into a book. This led to The Path of the Stone.

I enjoyed writing this story. I had never written about harpies before and I loved creating their world, my creatures, their way of life, towns, rules, and habits. I had fun escaping in their world every time I opened my Word document on my laptop to work on my manuscript.

It was an incredible feeling to see The Path of the Stone published 🙂

Then, in November 2021 I woke up from another powerful dream. Once more, I got up, turned on the laptop, and started writing. I thought that this could lead to a great story. After I had written down my dream (which is described in chapter 1 of that book) it suddenly dawned on me that this was Azure’s tale!

Azure is a side character who played an important role in The Path of the Stone. So, with this new dream The Rise of the Stone was born 🙂

Although this was not the first time I wrote a book based on a dream, it is the first time that two books in the same series came from two dreams I had a year apart. I thought that was pretty amazing 🙂

Have you ever written a story or perhaps even a poem that was based on a dream? Let me know in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “When Dreams Become Books

  1. Schalk

    Very interesting Christine. Who would have thought that your dreams can become reality in the form of a book that can actually lead to best sellers on Amazon and provide you with an income. You should dream more often, Christine! 🙂 Seems like your dreams are turned into gold 🙂

    1. Christine

      Hi Schalk,

      True, dreams can literally become reality 😉 It felt so amazing to achieve Amazon bestselling status after so many years.
      Thanks for your commment!

  2. Julia

    Wow-what an amazing story!

    I have never thought to write a story or poem based on a dream – but perhaps now I will!!

    In the meantime – here is a poem inspired by your post!

    when dreams become books
    they come to life in your hands
    pages turn with ease
    and the story never ends

    you can go anywhere
    and be anyone
    the world is at your fingertips
    all you have to do is believe

    put yourself in the story
    the adventure is waiting for you
    let your imagination run wild
    and see where it takes you

    I hope you like it!

    1. Christine

      Hi Julia,

      That’s a wonderful poem! I love it! 🙂
      Thank you for sharing it!

  3. Ceci

    Dreams are so much more intense than “ideas or general thoughts” which is why it can easily drive the content of books. While I have never written a story based on dreams, I do have first-hand experience coming from a distant cousin who would write for a few hours straight based on a dream he had. I always found that so fascinating. I think the ability to write a book from a dream is a gift which some people like you and other possess which can become a potential gold mine 🙂 Well done!

    1. Christine

      Thank you, Ceci! Writing a book from a dream is indeed very different than creating it from ideas or thoughts. I can’t explain it 🙂 😉
      Has your cousin published his books?

  4. Chastity

    Hi Christi,

    I love the way the dream led you to the book. I mentioned in the comment on your latest post that I am also a writer. I am a technical writer and like to say I am not creative at all. I have had college professors tell me I am extremely creative, but I do not write short stories or non-fiction well. At least not in my opinion.

    I always get stuck trying to write that type of thing so I stick to research-type papers and essays, etc. Once in high school, though I did have something stuck in my head. I wrote it down and in my head, when I read it, it sounds like a poem or a song. I have not written anything like it since. I still have it.

    I have always envied those like you that can write so creatively. Thank you for sharing your vision and dream.


    1. Christine

      Hi Chastity,

      Maybe one day you will write your story. That creativity could be there, it just hasn’t been explored yet? Your college professors may have been right. Hopefully, one day you find your muse and start writing a short story. Just start writing without thinking about grammar, spelling, or how it looks or sounds. First finish the story and after that you can start editing and polishing it.
      Thank you for your comment!

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