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Writing Journal – The Fall of the Stone – 14 May 2023

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I have advanced next to nothing over the past month. Even though I was very busy, I opened my manuscipt in my free time, and I wrote perhaps one paragraph. What’s happening? This is not normal for me at all.

Now that I have posponed the release for August, I am beginning to wonder if even that is enough time to get it all ready, edited, and formatted. There’s such little time, and I still haven’t finished the last chapter.

Sometimes I wonder if this book is meant to be published or if it shouldn’t, or perhaps I should just get a move on and focus. Is this what writer’s block feels like? Argh, why is it coming at the end of the book…? But is it still writer’s block if you know how the book will end but the words still don’t flow out?

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