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Writing Journal – The Fall of the Stone – 21 May 2023

I did it! I finished my manuscript today! Who would have thought? I had writer’s block for so long during this project, but today I finally wrote the last chapters!

Although the reason for finishing my book or rather, what brought it on, is rather sad. I received some upsetting news. You know when someone you love is going through a terrible time and you want to be there for them but circumstances won’t allow you to? I won’t go into details, but it was upsetting and I felt depressed about it for most of the weekend. Today (Sunday) I decided to escape in my manuscript. My stories are always a welcome escape. I dive into the fantasy world I have created and for hours on end I am in there, fully immersed, forgetting all about the real world.

I wrote for hours and hours, and after that writing marathon – which is so cathartic – I reached the end of the story at last.

Now begins the proofreading, editing, beta reading, editing, and formatting part. I think, though, that I can achieve the publishing date.

By the way, you can pre-order the Fall of the Stone on Amazon 🙂

The Fall of the Stone - Christine Duts

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